Fire Alarm Installation

Fire alarms are a requirement in commercial applications. In the event of a fire, there must be a warning to the occupants of a building as well as notification to the fire department. This allows for evacuation of the premise and the arrival of emergency personnel. Your safety relies on the proper functioning of the fire alarm system to alert occupants as to the danger as well as a secure communication with the fire department to dispatch in the event of fire.

In order to gain occupancy, a fire alarm must be installed to meet local and state ordinances. Simmons Fire Alarm Contractors can aid you in meeting these requirements. We begin with submitting engineered drawing to the local authority having jurisdiction. We have extensive knowledge of local codes as well as NFPA72, ADA and Fire Safety requirements. We meet with the authority having jurisdiction and do a walkthrough of the premise to ensure that all requirements will be met. In the case of new construction, architectural prints will be reviewed with the AHJ for approval. Once approvals are received, installation begins.

Simmons Fire Alarm Contractors installs Fire-Lite equipment. It is U.L. listed, up to code and user friendly. Fire departments are trained in the operation of this product and are enthusiastic about its features. Deployment of personnel and firefighting equipment depend on the alerts received through the fire alarm control panel. Our products and installation meet or exceed these requirements. Your safety comes first.

After installation, a final occupancy permit will be issued. The authority having jurisdiction will complete a final inspection of the fire alarm system and grant occupancy. You can open for business.

Engineered Drawings

Simmons Fire Alarm Contractors works in conjunction with Simmons and Associates to provide engineered drawings and design services.  We use the latest in CAD technology to provide the drawings to the local authority having jurisdiction.  Our professional staff has up to date knowledge of the fire safety codes at the local level as well as NFPA72, ADA and Life Safety requirements.  This ensures that the submittal and approval process will be hassle free.  At the completion of the project, as-built drawings will be provided for your records as well as to the authority having jurisdiction.  You can rely on Simmons Fire Alarm Contractors to install a state of the art fire alarm system that will meet jurisdictional codes.

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are required every two years per NFPA requirements.  Many fire departments require inspections once per year.  Your safety and that of the occupants of the premise is the number one priority.   We provide this service.

We will inspect and test the fire alarm control panel and insure that all the devices are in proper working order.  Signals will be sent to the local 911 dispatch center to acknowledge that communications are being met. These signals will be conveyed via digital radio communication sent direct to the fire department dispatch center or via digital radio communication sent to a central station who will alert the 911 dispatch center. Both initiating and notification devices will be tested.   Initiating devices consist of manual pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, waterflow switches, duct detectors and the like.  Notification devices consist of strobes, horn-strobes, and voice evacuation systems. Elevator recall will be tested as necessary.  Batteries are also tested as they are an important back-up in case of power outage.

At completion of inspection, an inspection and testing form will be issued. This will meet all NFPA72 requirements as well as those of the local authority having jurisdiction. In the event that upgrades or repairs are required by the AHJ, we can also meet your needs.  We are experts in code compliancy.


Emergency exit and lighting

Emergency exit and lighting signs are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). In the event of a power failure, it is necessary to ensure a safe means of egress.  “”Means of egress is a continuous and unobstructed way of exit travel from any point in a building or structure to a public way.”  OSHA requires that “each exit route be adequately lighted so that an employee or occupant with normal vision can see along the exit route.”  Also, “each exit must be clearly visible and marked by a sign reading EXIT.”  In order for a controlled and orderly exit, proper lighting is necessary.  Keeping emergency lighting and exits signs in correct working order is an ongoing responsibility as well as a code requirement.  Simmons Fire Alarm Contractors can assist you in the installation or maintenance of these signs.  Your safety and that of your occupants comes first.  With regular inspection, testing, and maintenance, we can help ensure that these signs are in proper working order.